Thursday, 4 August 2022

Taking a Moment

I woke up this morning at 7 15. I have been waking anywhere between 6:30 and 8:15 lately. I took some time to sit in my chair and watch the dust motes dance in the early morning sunshine and just be grateful. Grateful for how my life is getting back to what it was. My days and nights have corrected themselves. I may not do a hell of a lot but I am doing more than I was. There is still a lot left to correct but I have started down the road and for that I am grateful. Hence the moment this morning to just be thankful instead of bitter. 

Right now the laundry is chugging away in the washing machine, the kitchen is tidy and the chores are done in the rest of the house to make it presentable. More gratitude. If my four fingers and two thumbs would regain all of their feeling I would be doing a total happy dance. I really struggle with not being able to quilt. Even typing is a chore but I'm doing it.

I have some plans to hit some long time goals in the month of August. I will share them as I hit them until then I will keep silent.

Toodles Linda


Friday, 29 July 2022

Random Bits

I think I have my sleep pattern back on track. I actually sleep at night and am awake for the majority of the day. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. To be back sleeping, with ease, in my bed is a total joy. One I have struggled with for months.

The weeds in the yard are still winning the battle but I am actually working on them. I can't do a lot at one time but I feel like getting out there. Big change for me. I just wish I was more steady on my feet. Don't want to fall over in the flower bed again .


Daisies and bees in my front yard.

I finally moved some stuff out of my car so getting my walker in there will be easier. This does not sound like much but I am happy to say I am doing these things for myself and not relying on kindness of others. 

I had an ultra sound on my heart this week, So I get to worry about the results of that now. Will be interesting to see if I actually hear the results as I currently have no family doctor in town.

My carpel tunnel is acting up since I got home from the hospital so I cannot quilt. This is not making me happy. I am wearing my brace in the hopes that fixes it. It did last time. 

The Hostess stopped in the other day, bringing coffee and we chatted on the veranda. She is back living in town , I am so happy she managed to sell her house and make the move she so wanted.

I finally applied for the disability tax credit. Wouldn't it be a treat if I got approved and got some extra money? 

The place where we have out scrapbooking weekend closed its doors this spring. Panic! Terror! Sadness! Good news is that after some scrambling around we found another venue. Big sigh of relief.

I celebrated my recent weight loss with treating myself to three new shirts!!

Ok bored you long enough, now I am off to see if I can find a new microwave oven. My 16 year old one has called it a day. The nerve of it to give up so soon

Toodles,  Linda

Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Remember Me??

 Its been a minute since I posted here. June was not a stellar month for me that is for sure. Managed to land myself back in the hospital for 15 days. I was glad that they admitted me. I wanted to be in, be on intervenes antibiotics and get myself back on track. I has a great round of cellulitis and I was so swollen from the waist down it was unreal. 57 lbs of fluid to be honest. Its all gone, so is the cellulitis and I am hoping to get some of my energy back. I really want all of this behind me.

I came home to a jungle of weeds in the garden. I have actually got out there and did some work on it. I has hoped to do more but the mosquitos are so bad this year.

Still looks like drunken goats have been having a banquet but its better than it was. I have more pictures but my phone is far from me and I am too lazy to get up and get it. Another time.

So I'm back home, back to going out with the No Cook Ladies , working on getting stronger, setting goals and moving slowly forward., I hope. I plan to get back to regular blogging and hope to have more to say next time.

Toodles Linda

Thursday, 19 May 2022

I'm Still Here

 I have been absent but I am still here. These last few months have not been the best but even I am tired of going on about it so, big girl pants firmly in place and lets look for the positive.

I finally got a flimsy sandwiched up and ready to quilt. First one this year and its already the end of MAY. I am shocked and appalled. Never mind its all ready to go and I will be back in my happy place soon enough. This one is a donation quilt. I have another donation flimsy ready and then two for me sitting in the project box. I still need to put the boarder on the Christmas quilt. I am joined up to do a fall quilt a long but so far all I have done on it is print out the patterns each week. I have not actually started construction.

I have been working away at knitting toques and scarves from, my excess yarn stash. I like to make them. then donate to the local Safe and Warm Shelter plus a charitable organization that helps people in need. Like all my projects this year I have had a slow start but I'm starting to hit my stride. Three hats and three scarves finished so far, Scarf number four on the needles.

The Banker is heading off on vacation next week and Teddy Bear has family coming to visit. I will need to fend for myself in the coming days. I may tackle my goal sooner than later.  I have been trying to talk myself into making a shopping trip to Shoppers Drug Mart, This may be the final push that I need to actually go. I'm going to be taking myself to No Cook this Friday. The Banker usually picks me up but she has another social commitment that night. 

This weekend I have a young fellow coming to clean up my yard. He is trying to earn enough to buy virtual reality glasses as his parents told him he has to earn the money on his own, The Banker will be with him to help supervise. I was going to have to hire someone to do it so I am very happy to help the young man out.

That is about it for news from me. 

Toodles Linda


Thursday, 5 May 2022

 Well lets start this post with some positive things. I'm in a mood and this could disintegrate into a pity party quite quickly if I do not take care and watch myself. Its a slippery slope. 

 Lets see how this goes shall we??? 

For the very first time in months, I went to the store and picked up my own groceries. Not a big accomplishment in most peoples world but its a big deal in mine.

Not only did I go once but I went again the second day to a different store to get the things I could not get from the first store. Of course McDonald's breakfast was had the first trip but I did not repeat the performance on the second day. Too much of a good thing.  I cannot state how good this makes me feel. I can do this again, on my own, and I do not have to put upon my friends. A small bit of independence snatched back.

I did some knitting for a former co-worker, She had mitts that were her kids and wanted them fixed so her grandchildren  could use them. They look like little puppets and needed new mouths.

Everybody had holes and some had nearly no mouth at all. So I knit new inserts and sewed them up. They are good to go once again .

I always feel like I am channeling my Mom's mother when I do things like this. Little Grandma was always making do and mending. She was excellent at it, far better than I am but I like to think what little talent I have in this area came from her, through my mom.

I think my cellulitis is gone but I am on guard for any more flare ups. I just wish it would go away and stay gone. (ok here is the slippery slope). I am tired. I am tired of being sick every time I turn around. I am tired of trying to do the normal everyday things and everything hurts ALL THE TIME. I'm tired of taking handfuls of costly medicines that make me fatigued. I have no will to do the fun things I love to do because I am so freaking tired all the time. What little tiny ground I gained, before I go sick this last month is lost because I got sick again and walking was so painful. Back to square one I go with the physical fitness. Its so disheartening.

I will get through this, I'm not ready to throw the towel in just yet, its just at this moment I am frustrated. For someone who is so tired, my sleep pattern is all out of whack. I need to get that back on track.  Lack of sleep makes me cranky and I over react to the little things in life. Dropping something on the floor becomes a personal attack instead of an inconsequential incident that it is 

This too shall pass. My inner child is on the floor at the moment having a complete tantrum over how "IT'S NOT FAIR". She will wear out in time and things will get back on some sort of track. That is my story and I am sticking too it. 

Toodles, Linda

Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Feels Like Spring is Never Gonna Come

 Honestly, last weekend we had rain, lightening, thunder, sleet, snow the whole shebang! It was not fun. I, and I know I am not alone in this, am more than fed up with the crap weather. I mean I could deal with a long cold spring but do we have to have the snow and sleet?? I am yearning for green things, buds on trees and tulips poking up  from their beds to meet the sun. One small gift this morning was as I looked out the kitchen window, a chubby, cheeky robin was sitting in my backyard. hopping about. Inspite of the fact that he looked a bit like he was regretting his choices, for me, he was bringing with him the promise that maybe, just maybe spring will come eventually.

Lets move on from the predictable, depressing conversation about the weather. I hosted book club this week. It was so nice to have the ladies here and to get together once again. It feels like its been forever. We didn't spend much time on the book but we did catch up on all of our news.

Two members were not with us but those that were seemed to have a good time. They stayed until nearly 10 which is a good sign of an enjoyable night.

I have had a round of cellulitis in my feet this last week or so. I am just done with this one thing after another. I am sick of being sick. I need a break. I need to have some time where I feel like me, where I feel like I want to do something other than sleep. So I am back on antibiotics

They have made a big improvement in how I feel but I am on my last day and the cellulitis is not totally gone. I will call and get some more because I want this gone.

I will say that yesterday and today have been the first days in a long time that I have felt much better. I actually covered cushions for a friend yesterday. I have not felt like doing that sort of thing for a long time. I have been knitting but its because I force myself to. 

I love this material and it matches nicely with my new couch. I am hoping I can make a cushion cover for my recliner with some of the scraps. 

Well I should go and see if I can find something for lunch and then see if I can interest myself in doing some crafting. My cleaning lady just left so my place looks lovely and I won't want to do anything to mess it up but I am toying with the idea of starting to quilt one of my flimsys. Who know what will happen.

Toodles Linda

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Stop Shaking the Snowglobe!!

 We got our winter storm although not as bad as they had predicted but bad enough. I was so grateful that I was able to stay home and not have to go out in it. I even managed, thanks to Superstore and the Banker to get my grocery order a day ahead of when I had ordered it. This way if the power did go out I could freeze to death with snacks.

We had no snow before these shenanigans happened. I do admit that we did not get hit as hard as some parts of the country but it was still disheartening none the less. We are due to have more of the lovely white stuff this week. They said a long cold spring and I think this time they were right. 

I finally, finally, finally got into the green spare room today and got working on getting it organized. It became a dumping ground when Busy and the Carpenter were here working on the house. Its going to remain a bit of a catch all since storage is so limited in my house. It can be a catch all without being a total mess. I have taken so very long to get at it but today was the day and I got a good deal of it done. It still needs work but its looking a lot better than it was. As always it did not take as long as I thought it would. That always happens and I always insist on making a mountain out of a mole hill. Gotta work on that.

Here is the before

And here is the after:

At last all the pumpkins have been tucked away before its fall again and time to get them out once more. 

So the plan is that tomorrow night I am going to host book club. It will be the first time in a very long time that I have had them all here. Its nice to be able to invite them without having a panic about getting the house fit for prime time. I have a few jobs to do but nothing like I would have in the past. I am just hoping that the weather does not put a kink in the plans.

Not much else to tell. I think I will go and knit for a bit and then go do some dishes and dust. 

Toodles Linda