Wednesday 3 April 2024

spring is in the air

 Just sitting here looking out at the sun shine and thinking soon I shall be able to sit on the veranda and have my coffee of a morning. I love love love to do that. My veranda is my most favourite place in the world.

Something I have noticed lately about myself is I’m making plans, something I have not done in a very long time. Plans for crafty things, plans for changes in the house,  lots of these plans with never be more than daydreams but the fact that I am doing this again is a giant leap forward in my mental health. It’s a sign to me that I am getting on top of my depression. Oh happy day,

I have started to make a tray cloth for my walker. I’m stitching it all by hand while it sit and listen to the tv. It just needs to get quilted.

Then that spurred me on to come up with the brilliant plan to recover some pouches I use to store my tools I need for scrapbooking. I originally made the pouches using material I had but it was not the cutest, personally I think they are ugly. So I am going to slip cover them. I have one done

Then I ordered up this little guy to knit. I think he is so cute. He is for me, I’m having my second childhood. I bought a teddy bear at Christmas, the house hippo after that and now Mr Bunny Rabbit. 

Yesterday, the banker was here for our usual coffee date, she helped me and we set up a spot for me to scrapbook. When I say she helped my I mean I thought where everything should go and she did the actual moving. I have a new big shot die cutter that I can not wait to try out. I’m behind on my scrapbooking so this afternoon, between loads of laundry I will give it a go. My head is full of page layouts. 

I’m still working on the baby blanket, it’s going to use up the last of the pink yarn I was given. 


I also feel so much more like my old self, I’m not lost in a fog where so many simple things feel so overwhelming. It’s like doing out of a long tunnel and into the light. I’m not going to say I’ll never have a bout of depression again, but for now I’m happier than I have been in ages. I fell more like me and I like this me. 

 Toodles Linda 

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